SimpleStats for your Mac

SimpleStats is a simple yet effective utility that sits in the Status Bar and displays Usage information about your Mac

“Man, I can't live without it!”

The Dude

“Live without what Dude?”


“Shut up Donny! It's Awesome!”


iOS Apps


FunGen is a function generator for your iOS device.
It's a small, portable and easy to use function generator with which you can inject a specific signal in your electronic circuits.

FunGen is for you, for students, engineers, hobbyists, or simply for anyone curious about periodic signals.

Very simple and yet very effective Magdalena P.

Cars Dealers

Your stock right at your fingertips along with search capability, sorting, printing, sharing and many more features.

Your customers keep your store in their pocket and with the same app, you and your team can manage marketing push notifications to your customers and view customers' statistics all from within the app!

A must have for cars dealers Carlo C.

Coming Soon Game

Stay tuned for the next incredible, addictive, hit game ;)