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Allen T. Grundy – Grundy Geologic Consulting, LLC

Address Grundy Geologic Consulting, LLC, 3707 Rocky Woods Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339
Phone 713.410.5242


Areas of Expertise: Petroleum Geology, Resource and Reserves Estimation, Probabilistic Assessments, Uncertainty Analysis, Value of Information Decision Analysis, @RISK Model Building.

Allen is a consulting petroleum geologist specializing in probabilistic evaluations of resource and reserves in Exploration, Development, and Production, including assessments of plays, prospects, discoveries, field development, established field re-development, drilling programs, single production wells, and proved reserve determination.

Working as a geologist for ExxonMobil in the oil and gas industry for 31 years, Allen has acquired worldwide experience throughout all business stages Exploration, Development, and Production. He understands the value of identifying the uncertainties that exist in the pursuit of these opportunities. Efficiencies can be gained by properly managing these uncertainties in today’s challenges for economic success. Allen has significant experience mentoring and teaching the principles and techniques of developing uncertainty analyses tailored to the business needs of each unique opportunity.

Realizing the results of an uncertainty analysis will benefit everyone in your organization. Allen can create an @RISK model designed to meet the specifics of your business needs. He can train your staff to perform uncertainty analyses and present the results to management in a precise and efficient manner, provide training for managers to best understand the results of the uncertainty analysis, and provide assistance in tracking the results of your uncertainty analyses to continually improve the value of each analysis.

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