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Maximizing New Aerospace & Defense Opportunities through Cost and Reliability Analysis

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From airplanes to tanks and spacecraft to drones, Palisade solutions help push the boundaries of what’s possible.

From high-tech aerospace multinationals to consultancies to government agencies, anyone in the aerospace and defense sector knows that they face more risk than ever before. As an industry operating in volatile geopolitical environments, with uncertain budgets and complex supply chains, defense and aerospace companies are exposed to a wide range of constantly-changing uncertainties that can negatively impact bottom lines and shareholder value.

Air travel has been significantly reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, while defense spending around the world fluctuates with changing governmental priorities. Airlines must remain profitable in the face of route reductions and increased costs to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Meanwhile, defense agencies are under pressure to adopt technologies that minimize the risk to soldiers while simultaneously accounting for uncertain long-term funding. Furthermore, space exploration is characterized by more involvement from the private sector than ever before, while technological innovation continues at an unprecedented pace. Satellite programs and exploration missions require cooperation between governments and private companies, and are vulnerable to cost overruns and schedule delays. New technologies such as hypersonics and hydrogen-powered aircraft promise exciting opportunities coupled with tremendous unknowns.

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As the global economy undergoes several ups and downs, and different countries change their defense priorities in the face of terrorism and political disruption, the risk universe in aerospace and defense (A&D) keeps on changing. A&D players…need to adapt their plans to consider the key risk drivers.”

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@RISK and DecisionTools Suite for Aerospace & Defense

A majority of leading companies and agencies in the aerospace and defense sector rely on @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software solutions to meet these challenges head-on, all from the familiar spreadsheet environment. @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite bring robust analytics such as Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, decision trees, sensitivity analysis, and predictive data analysis to Microsoft Excel. This enables users of all levels to contribute to better decision-making – with or without data, and with or without a statistics background.

How Aerospace and Defense Leaders Use Palisade

Supply Chain Management
Optimize multiple suppliers to minimize failure points and maximize probability of deliveries. Identify high-risk areas in the supply chain to create mitigation strategies.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, Evolver

Price and Currency Hedging
Mitigate exposure to commodity and currency volatility through an optimized options and futures strategy that accounts for uncertainty.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, Evolver, NeuralTools

Cost Estimation
Get an accurate, probabilistic estimate of materials and labor costs throughout the entire design and build process. Understand the likelihood of going over budget under a variety of scenarios.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, StatTools, NeuralTools

Engineering Reliability
Gain insight into confidence levels around the risk of equipment failure or safety violations. Identify areas of weakness to ensure quality results and prevent failures.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, StatTools, NeuralTools

And Much More!
From optimizing funds across capital projects to regulatory compliance and everything in between, Palisade solutions are used to address a wide range of aerospace and defense challenges.

Includes @RISK and all products mentioned above

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We turn on @RISK’s Monte Carlo simulations, and it tells us key information on major milestones.”

Michael Waston
Program Manager, Lockheed Martin

Customer Success Stories

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Adam Ogilvie-Smith
Senior Consultant, Thales

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@RISK combines its powerful risk analysis capability with the added benefit of being easy and intuitive to use, and applicable for almost any task. As a result it is a key strategic tool for Thales, assisting us in our process of reaching informed business-critical decisions.

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Francesca Schiezzari
Risk Assessment and Feasibility Analysis, AugustaWestland

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Our use of the DecisionTools Suite has enhanced our ability to assess, control and drive company decisions. We can now focus on the key activities that enable us to pursue the best product within the most appropriate financial timeframe.

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Martin Hopkinson
Lead Developer, UK Ministry of Defence

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Quantitative risk analysis forecasts can be used successfully as a key tool in an organization’s process for approving major projects, and @RISK has been proven to be a good tool for modeling risk on major UK defense projects.

US Army
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John Nierwinski
Mathematician and Statistician, US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA)

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This is cutting edge stuff. ... @RISK enables us to build various kinds of risk models quickly, with lots of flexibilities.



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