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Domingo Castelo Joaquin

Address Illinois State University Department of Finance, Insurance & Law, Normal, IL 61790 USA
Phone 309.438.2258


Areas of Expertise: Value-based management, Valuing projects with real options, Financial management.

Domingo Castelo Joaquin is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Illinois State University where he teaches undergraduate and MBA courses in Value-based Management and Spreadsheet Modeling in Corporate Finance. He earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He has published articles on Strategic Entry and Exit Decisions, Cost of Capital, Decision Theory, Portfolio Selection and Capital Budgeting. His work of portfolio diversification has been cited in The New York Times, Money Magazine, and CNNfn. Domingo Castelo Joaquin is a consultant at Economic and Corporate Risk Assessment Consultants (ECR Consultants). ECR Consultants provides risk assessment training using Palisade Corporation’s risk assessment software products, and consultation in the areas of Risk Assessment, Real Options, and Portfolio Risk. In addition, ECR Consultants provides consultation and training in the development of Forecasting Models and the translation of these models to @RISK models.

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