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Optimizing Energy Uncertainty through Powerful Desktop Analytics

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From upstream E&P to the local grid, Palisade solutions reduce risk while meeting global energy needs.

Whether you work at ExxonMobil, a regional utility, a coal mine, or a public agency anyone in the energy sector knows that they face more risk than ever before. As an industry spanning global markets, international geopolitical environments, and diverse economies, energy companies are exposed to a wide range of constantly-changing uncertainties that can negatively impact bottom lines and shareholder value.

Global warming and the associated increase in frequency of previously-rare natural catastrophes are one source of such risk. Hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, and flooding all threaten power grids and infrastructure like never before. At the same time, the industry must adapt to more sustainable, renewable energy sources, a fundamental shift after centuries of fossil fuel dependency. Regulatory and environmental policy changes are another source of uncertainty. They can change rapidly with the political climate, and vary constantly from one jurisdiction to another. Not to mention volatility in tariff and trade policy, which can significantly impact both export prices and the import of commodities like steel. Cyber threats pose yet another threat, in an age where sophisticated hackers can shut down entire pipelines from thousands of miles away.

A majority of leading companies in the energy sector rely on @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software solutions to meet these challenges head-on, all from the familiar spreadsheet environment.

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Capital costs and construction delays used to be the biggest risks in undertaking renewable projects. When there are no subsidies involved, however…developers are fully exposed to wholesale prices. According to a recent McKinsey report, this ‘merchant risk’ can be up to four times bigger than construction risk. Therefore, developers and investors will need to think and act strategically in their approach to long-term price risk.”

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@RISK and DecisionTools Suite for Energy & Utilities

A majority of leading companies in the energy sector rely on @RISK and DecisionTools Suite software solutions to meet these challenges head-on, all from the familiar spreadsheet environment. @RISK and the DecisionTools Suite bring robust analytics such as Monte Carlo simulation, optimization, decision trees, sensitivity analysis, and predictive data analysis to Microsoft Excel. This enables users of all levels to contribute to better decision-making – with or without data, and with or without a statistics background.

How Energy & Utilities Leaders Use Palisade

Engineering and Operations
Assess the likelihood of prospective sites containing oil, natural gas, or other minerals. Probabilistically estimate reserves and production decline in order to make wise drilling decisions. Forecast load on power grids.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, PrecisionTree, StatTools, NeuralTools

Demand Forecasting
Estimate uncertain demand for electricity and other forms of power. Optimize maintenance schedules and asset lifecycles given uncertain demand.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, StatTools, NeuralTools

Capital Expenditures
Assess infrastructure projects given uncertain future demand and costs. Optimize allocation of limited fund across a portfolio of capital projects.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, RISKOptimizer, Evolver

Price Hedging
Mitigate exposure to commodity price volatility through an optimized options and futures strategy that accounts for uncertainty.

Products: @RISK, TopRank, PrecisionTree, RISKOptimizer, Evolver, NeuralTools

And Much More!
From estimating mineral reserves to valuing exploration options and everything in between, Palisade solutions are used to address a wide range of energy challenges.

Includes @RISK and all products mentioned above

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Because @RISK was able communicate complex analyses in a transparent and meaningful way, BC Hydro has been able to set very aggressive energy conservation goals while feeling confident that the right balance between conservation and finding new supply side resources has been found.”

Basil Stumborg
Decision Analyst – Finance, BC Hydro

Customer Success Stories

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Mohammad Al-Hajjiri
Head of Water Forecasting, ADWEC Planning and Studies Directorate

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@RISK, which is easy to use and provides us with a comprehensive set of tools, enables us to be confident in our forecasts. It ensures we provide a reliable and cost-effective source of potable water over a wide range of demand scenarios.

National Grid
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Simon Waters
Systems Engineer, National Grid UK

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The ability to model a wide variety of uncertainties and to run Monte Carlo type simulations has given significant insight into what is effectively uncharted waters.

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Rafael Hartke
Financial Planning, Petrobras

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@RISK helps Petrobras reduce the calculation time for projections that used to take thousands of hours to a single day.

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Waymon Lofton
Global Estimating, Fluor

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Risk analysis within Fluor has moved up to a different level because of Palisade.



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