@RISK Key Features

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Monte Carlo simulationShows possible outcomes to avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities
100% Excel calculations for simulationHighest level of accuracy, and maximum use of multi-core processors for speed

Introduction to Risk Analysis using @RISK


Seamless Integration into Microsoft ExcelNever leave your spreadsheet; get up to speed quickly
Intuitive toolbars and right-click menus Easy navigation—multiple ways to perform common tasks


Distribution Palette and Insert Function commandEasy and accurate definition of uncertain factors
Distribution Fitting and Distribution ArtistUse data and expert judgment to define uncertain factors
Over 90 built-in distribution functionsRepresent virtually any uncertain factor for accurate modeling
@RISK Function SwapRemove (and later restore) @RISK functions for sharing models with non-@RISK users
Predefined DistributionsCreate customized distributions with your own parameters and names
Compound functionCombines two distributions into one, to streamline insurance or other large models
Percentile distribution parametersMore flexible ways to define uncertainty
Correlation and Copulas Standard correlation available, along with copulas, which provide sophisticated methods for correlating uncertain @RISK variables that allow more control over the correlation pattern
@RISK Data ViewerDisplay any spreadsheet data using all @RISK charts and graphing options
Excel Developer Kit (XDK)Automate and customize @RISK for Excel through a library of commands and functions that let you control every aspect of @RISK in your spreadsheet

Which Distribution Should I Choose in @RISK

@RISK Correlation and Copulas

Gaining Insights into your Inputs


Demo Mode and live updatingGraphs and reports update during simulation for illustration to others
Extensive settings controlCustomize simulations to specific needs

Simulation Results

Fully customizable, presentation-quality graphsSee the impact of risk and communicate to stakeholders
Reporting in OfficeAll graphs and charts can be exported to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in native chart format for easy distribution to others
Customized Excel ReportsCreate exactly the simulation results reports you want directly in Excel, automatically formatted for optimal viewing. Apply Excel themes to your graphs.
Histograms, area, line, cumulative, summary, box plot, and overlay graphsVariety of graphing and charting options for easy, accurate communication
Tornado charts and scatter plotsVisually identify critical factors and trends, overall and for particular scenarios
Sensitivity and Scenario AnalysisIdentify the individual tasks that have the most impact on results, and the particular scenarios that lead to certain results
Six Sigma functionsReport Six Sigma statistics for quality analysis
Stress AnalysisLets you control the range that is sampled from a distribution function, enabling you to see how different scenarios affect your bottom line without changing your model
Advanced Sensitivity AnalysisLets you see how changes in any input—distributions or regular values—affect simulation results
@RISK Goal SeekUses multiple simulations to find an input value that achieves a target simulation result you specify

@RISK Tornado Graphs and Sensitivity Analysis

Gaining Insights into your Models

Industrial Edition Features

Simulation of Time-series forecastsUnderstand the risks in values that change over time
Correlation of Time SeriesIt is possible to correlate two or more time-series functions so that during each iteration the array of values returned by the individual time series are subject to the specified correlation coefficient.
Multi-core processor and multiple CPU supportSpeed up simulations. “Split up” large simulations to run on multiple CPUs or cores and reduce simulation run time.
RISKOptimizerSolve problems with more accuracy than ever.


Optimization under uncertaintyCombines Monte Carlo simulation with sophisticated optimization techniques to find optimal solutions to uncertain problems. Used for budgeting, allocation, scheduling, and more.
Efficient Frontier AnalysisEspecially useful in financial analysis, Efficient Frontiers determine the optimal return that can be expected from a portfolio at a given level of risk
Ranges for adjustable cells and constraintsStreamlined model setup and editing
Genetic algorithmsFind the best global solution while avoiding getting caught in local, “hill-climbing” solutions
Six solving methods, including GAs and OptQuestAlways have the best method for different types of problems
RISKOptimizer Watcher and Convergence MonitoringMonitor progress toward best solutions in real time
Overlay of Optimized vs Original DistributionCompare original output to optimized result to visually see improvements
Original, Best, Last model updatingInstantly see the effects of three solutions on your entire model

Rocking Optimization with RISKOptimizer

Decision Making Under Uncertainty
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