PrecisionTree Key Features

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Decision TreesVisually understand a decision, identify best options, and communicate results to others
Seamless Integration into Microsoft ExcelNever leave your spreadsheet; get up to speed quickly
Intuitive Toolbars and Right-click MenusEasy navigation—multiple ways to perform common tasks
Risk Profile ReportsShows payoffs and risks of different options
Sensitivity AnalysisIdentifies most influential variables in a decision
Policy Suggestion ReportShows optimal decisions and payoffs
Strategy Region GraphsDisplays value of decisions over ranges of 1 or 2 variables
Bayesian RevisionReverses chance nodes to show probabilities calculated using Bayes Rule
Reference nodes and collapsible branchesStreamline large trees for easy navigation
Logic NodesAllows conditional modeling
Linked Trees and VBA Payoff CalculationsAllows complex payoff computations outside of the tree itself
Utility FunctionsAccount for decision maker’s attitude toward risk when calculating the best decision
PrecisionTree Developer KitAutomate and customize PrecisionTree with Excel VBA
Compatibility with @RISKAccount for uncertainty and run Monte Carlo simulations to see all possible outcomes
Influence DiagramsVisually summarize a decision
Append Symmetric SubtreeQuickly build large trees, saving a lot of time.
Insert NodeEasily put a new node inbetween existing nodes in fewer steps.
Copy Tree Image to ClipboardCopy and paste any part of a decision tree into Word, PowerPoint, or any application for reports and presentations.
Number of Tree NodesProfessional allows up to 1000 nodes per tree; Industrial is unlimited.
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